LB Lact

LB Lact is the Bulgarian probiotic, developed following a special technology with four beneficial strains for stimulating the body’s immune system. All ingredients in the product are optimally combined to achieve the most effective impact on the human body.
LB Lact is suitable for:
- Strengthening the immune system
- Maintaining the balance of the gastro-intestinal micro flora during or after antibiotic intake
- Assisting the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream
- Lactose intolerance

The LB Lact capsules are plant based and are especially developed for a prolonged resistance to the acidity of the stomach. Thanks to the developed new technology of the capsules, we guarantee a high number of live bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.
Additionally, in order to achieve better efficiency, the quantity of the bacteria in the capsules is increased as opposed to the subsidiary substances in them.