Starter for Bulgarian yoghurt

The starter for production of Bulgarian yoghurt is a symbiotic combination of lyophilised L. bulgaricus & S. thermophilus, which are strains of micro-organisms isolated in the past from home-made yoghurt. LBB BY ensures optimal fermentation of milk at home and supports the development of the typical taste, flavour and texture of this authentic Bulgarian product.

Ingredients: No less than 1 х 109 viable cells of L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus per 1 gram

Directions for use:
Add LBB BY starter for production of home-made yoghurt to 5 l of pre-cooked milk that has been left hot for about 20-30 min. and cooled to a temperature of 45–46 °C. Mix well, pour into suitable containers and allow to stay for 4–6 hours until solid coagulum is obtained, at a ripening temperature of 45–46 °С. When the yoghurt is ready, cool at room temperature and store in a fridge.

Storage temperature at home: 2 to 6 °С