LB Bulgaricum has two production subdivisions in Sofia and Vidin, where, in parallel to the production of dairy products that are well-known and appreciated by each Bulgarian, we also produce a range of new varieties, which are the result of our research efforts and advanced technologies.

The quality of the products manufactured in the two subdivisions is guaranteed by the daily control exercised by qualified specialists in one of the laboratories in the country with the best equipment.

As a result of the successful implementation of projects under Operational Programme “Competitiveness”, LB Bulgaricum has managed to introduce new equipment and to modernise the existing facilities for production of starters, fresh and durable dairy products.

In September 2015, a new production line was designed and commissioned at the production facility in the city of Vidin, for production of milk and a probiotic drink with hypolipidemic action for application in nutritional therapies. Several months earlier, the largest fermentation system for production of starters in Bulgaria was installed at the production facility in the city of Sofia, along with a new lyophiliser and a microfiltration system, which helped us triple our capacity for production of lyophilised foods and created preconditions for LB Bulgaricum to turn into the largest producer of highest-quality starter cultures in Bulgaria.

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