The main activity of “LB Bulgaricum” EAD is related to provision of know-how and technologies for production of authentic Bulgarian dairy products abroad through the conclusion of long-term license agreements.

The licensing activity of the company has a successful history of half a century. During the different periods, Bulgarian yoghurt under the license of the company has been produced in 21 countries, including France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Finland, the Philippines and Austria.

The company’s foreign partners are companies with long-term experience in the production and sale of milk and dairy products, with leading market positions in their respective countries.

The license agreements include granting the right to produce and sell authentic Bulgarian dairy products for a certain geographic area, delivery of high-quality Bulgarian starters and provision of technological support.

Our foreign partners under our license agreements are also granted the right to put the text “produced under a Bulgarian license”, “produced with authentic Bulgarian starter cultures” and “Bulgaria” on their packages and/or labels.

The widest variety of dairy products produced under the license of “LB Bulgaricum” is offered in Japan. Meiji Dairies Co. holds a market share of 30% with the products made based on Bulgarian technologies. Every day, 24 million Japanese people start their day with Bulgarian yoghurt. Our cooperation with the Japanese company does not just involve provision of know-how and delivery of starters. We also partner in joint research and development projects on the health effects of yoghurt consumption and on the creation of production technologies for functional foods.