Intellectual Property

As a result of more than fifty years of research and development, “LB Bulgaricum” EAD has gained a significant volume of industrial property, which includes patents, brands and geographical indications, as well as non-registered elements, such as technologies, methodologies and production expertise.

Our company holds more than 20 registered patents and more than 50 product trademarks, some of which have multiple registrations for the territories of countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Our company trademark is registered in the European Union and in 21 additional countries. The patents of “LB Bulgaricum” EAD are mainly for inventions related to the beneficial properties of unique strains of lactic acid bacteria from the company’s rich collection and their inclusion in new dairy products.

The intellectual property of “LB Bulgaricum” is being continuously supplemented and updated, which enables us to maintain our licensing potential and export positions and also provides us with a strong tool for fighting unfair competition.