Analysis and Control | LB Bulgaricum

Analysis and Control

Quality is of primary importance for the business development of “LB Bulgaricum” EAD. We strive to ensure continuous high quality of the products we make in order to satisfy the expectations of our consumers/clients. The products we make are consistent with a healthy diet and have been produced by the application of science-based technologies. We produce our products in full compliance with the specifications and recipes. The management team of “LB Bulgaricum” EAD strives to ensure and maintain a fresh and healthy climate in all company premises. The company is market-oriented, rather than product-oriented. We manage quality at all corporate levels. Every day, our specialists ensure that the company customers receive the products with the best quality only. The incoming control on raw milk and other raw materials and resources we use guarantees that our dairy products will be only made with the input of high-quality raw materials and resources. Our products are manufactured in strict hygiene. We exercise daily sanitary control on the hygiene status of the production premises and facilities. Control is exercised at each level and stage of the milk processing technology. Each batch of finished product is controlled by the application of standardised analytical methods before being launched on the market.

We do not use milk powder or vegetable fats in the dairy products we make; we only use fresh cow, sheep and goat milk.

The company efforts have multiple focuses. The key ones are:

  • to continuously inquire about the demands, requirements and expectations of our potential and current customers in order to fully satisfy their needs by offering high-quality products;
  • to use up-to-date scientific information for the development of new technologies, know-how and products;
  • to continuously modernise the quality management system and the product safety management system;
  • to strictly observe the Bulgarian and European legislation that is currently in force;
  • to measure customer satisfaction and to undertake actions in this regard;
  • to adopt best production practices;
  • to provide up-to-date scientific information on the health benefits of dairy products;
  • to maintain highly qualified staff.

The company maintains and develops the introduced integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standards BSS EN ISO 22 000:2006 and IFSv.6 in all its operations and units for the purpose of increasing the safety and quality of the manufactured products and in order to provide occupational health and safety.