When we say that we put our work under a microscope we mean exactly that. Our highly qualified specialists have the necessary resource to do a wide spectrum of analyses of samples taken by us and by others, according to such indices and norms as provided for by the EU regulations, the national legislation and/or corporate technological documentation. The knowledge and experience gained over the years guarantee the accuracy and precision of the obtained results.

The main activities conducted in the Laboratory are:

  • Complete microbiological analysis of raw milk; raw materials and supplies; dairy and lactic acid products; starter cultures; cheese yeast;
  • Monitoring parameters from the processing lines in the production and storage of starter cultures, dairy and lactic acid products;
  • Monitoring the hygiene of the personnel, equipment, surfaces, air, and water in the production, storage and cooling spaces;

As standards require, every sample is monitored from the time it is received for analysis until the time the results are delivered and a certificate is prepared.