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Accredited Laboratory

The Food Testing Laboratory is a separate unit in the LB Bulgaricum organizational structure and is accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service Executive Agency under BDS Registration Number 138 ЛИ. The Laboratory is accredited in accordance with the National Accreditation of Compliance Verification Bodies Act and and as provided by BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 ‘General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’.

The Testing Laboratory guarantees the high quality that customers deserve because trust must be gained and it is gained mostly with competence. Laboratory’s competences include: testing the milk and dairy products, bacterial cultures, and cheese yeast; microbiological control of surfaces and drinkable water.

The testing reports issued by LB Bulgaricum with reference to the accreditation are recognized by the national authorities in the EU-Member States. The Laboratory makes all analyses using standardized international and BDS methods which guarantees the reliability of obtained results and security for our customers. It is important to know that the Laboratory carries out all of its activities strictly observing the confidentiality, independence and principles of good laboratory practice. Tests are conducted in two divisions, the Biochemistry Laboratory and the Microbiology Laboratory, and each of them has highly quailed personnel and suitable spaces with modern equipment and devices.