The LB Bulgaricum Ayran is produced of 100% Bulgarian milk, symbiotic starter culture, water and a moderate quantity of salt, following a traditional recipe. The distinct flavor of the drink is due to the modern technology and the high quality standards applied in the production process of our products. Only with us, the Ayran is the way you like it since childhood, without stabilizers and powdered milk. It is suitable for consummation by the whole family, during all seasons of the year.

100% Bulgarian milk, symbiotic starting culture, water and salt
Shelf Life:
20 days from the manufacture date, stored in a temperature between 2 and 6 C
Average nutritional value per 100ml of product
Fats 2,5 g, of which 1,6 g are saturated fatty acids
Proteins 2,2 g
Carbohydrates 3,2 g, of which 3,2 g are sugar
Salt 0,35 g
Calories 184 kJ/44 kcal
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